3 Reasons You Can’t Afford to Skip HVAC Maintenance

Think cars and HVAC systems don’t have much in common? Think again!

While it’s true your heating and cooling system won’t help you battle afternoon traffic, it is a high-performance machine that warrants some tender loving care from time to time. And, just like your car, your HVAC system demands regular maintenance to operate at peak.

Here are three reasons why it doesn’t pay to overlook the importance of  HVAC maintenance:

Indoor Comfort

While early pioneers had to battle the elements, today we’re pampered with cool indoor air during the hot seasons and cozy, warm air during the colder months. HVAC systems provide us with this luxury. However, if you don’t maintain your HVAC system, you just might find yourself suffering through a hot summer’s night or being left out in the cold in the wintertime.

According to industry experts, more than 50 percent of emergency system breakdowns are due to a lack of professional maintenance. If your unit breaks down in the middle of the night, you could be facing some uncomfortable hours of either heat or cold. Even if your HVAC system suddenly breaks down during the day, it may be several hours before a service company can dispatch a technician. With a regular service plan or seasonal tune-up, you can greatly decrease the potential of a system breakdown while increasing your opportunities to enjoy lasting indoor comfort.

HVAC Maintenance Keeps More Dollars in Your Pocket

With regular maintenance by a professional HVAC technician, you can prevent or reduce the chances of a needed cooling or heating repair. The biggest perk is that you’ll be keeping more dollars in your wallet over the long run.

When HVAC technicians arrive for a maintenance appointment, they will inspect the unit, test, adjust and even lubricate parts to promote efficient operation. Blower assemblies are also cleaned, moving parts are oiled, wire connections are inspected and heat exchangers are inspected for cracks. All of the tasks performed during a maintenance visit help prevent premature part failure. This way, you get the maximum value for your dollar. It’s also the opportune time for technicians to identify and repair a small issue before a large one emerges.

With regular maintenance, you’ll also be keeping your HVAC system operating efficiently. Efficiency equals out to less energy consumption, which means you’re likely to have to shell out less on regular utility bills.

Increased System Longevity

Industry studies reveal that regular maintenance of HVAC systems increases the lifespan of a unit by 30 percent. With the average lifespan of HVAC units being 20 years, you can add six more years of operation to your unit with regular maintenance. New HVAC systems are always a costly investment. Dollar for dollar, the cost of preventative maintenance plans and seasonal tune-ups are worth every penny.

At Hollub, we offer HVAC repair, installation and maintenance. Whether you’re in the market for a hybrid system, furnace, heat pump, air conditioner or boiler, you’ll find that our line of products is energy efficient and comes with great warranties. Customers can also take advantage of our Internet specials for tune-ups and repairs. We’ve proudly served Gold Coast, Wicker Park and other surrounding communities since 1928.

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