3 Tips for the Perfect Spring Cleaning

Depending on what type of person you are, spring cleaning is either an ominous, daunting task or an absolute delight. Either way you look at, it’s a necessary chore in your Chicago, Illinois, home. However, doing a thorough job doesn’t come naturally to everyone. If you’re lost on how to make spring cleaning effective and less tedious, follow these handy tips.

Use Your Family Members

Don’t ignore one of the best cleaning assets in your home — your family. While your children will dislike using their play time or weekend to clean, their contribution makes the entire process much smoother. Plus, they’ll learn skills they can apply to their own lives when they get older.

Buy the Right Product

The cleaning aisle at your local stores seems to continually expand with green cleaners, harsh cleaners, and other products dominating the landscape. Pay attention with these purchases to ensure you don’t buy products that will damage your appliances or surfaces. It is also important to be mindful of the chemicals in the products. Many of them can prove harmful after prolonged exposure or if they are not stored properly.

Clean Your Ducts

It is easy to just focus only on visible places in the home. Perhaps it’s a matter of “out of sight, out of mind” or you figure if you can’t see it you won’t worry about it. However, ignoring these areas can potentially undo the cleaning you’ve just completed.

A great example is your ductwork. Over time, dust accumulates in your ducts and is then pushed out by air from your furnace or air conditioner. If this happens, it blows considerable amounts of pollutants over floors, windowsills, and anything else near the vent. Your indoor air is just affected altogether. For this reason, it’s best to call a professional and have your ductwork professionally cleaned to help your indoor air quality. It may cost a little extra than you prior spring cleaning costs, but the result is worth the money.

Don’t get caught with a dirty home. If you decide to opt for a duct cleaning, call the pros at Hollub Inc. at (312) 829-8000 for all your indoor air quality needs.

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