AC’s Frozen? What You Need to Know

Don’t panic if you’ve noticed ice on an air conditioner. Although AC repairs may be necessary, you can take some preliminary steps to see if the issue resolves. One of the causes of frozen AC can be restricted airflow, and a dirty filter is one of the most common issues contributing to this problem. Check your filter, replacing it if necessary. Turn off your equipment long enough for the ice to melt before operating it again. Make periodic inspections for a few days after this to confirm that the problem is resolved. If the ice returns, professional diagnostics are recommended. Following are some important considerations as you endeavor to avoid such issues in the future.

Maintenance Is Beneficial

An annual AC tune-up is great for making sure that your system is operating correctly. Many of the conditions that contribute to ice on an air conditioner are addressed during this service call, meaning that you may save yourself the cost and frustration of AC repairs by being sure to have your equipment fine-tuned before summer arrives. As your HVAC technician inspects your air handler, he will address the following issues that can affect airflow and energy exchange, factors that contribute to the formation of ice:

  • Coil cleaning – dirt will settle on your coils in spite of meticulous care for your air filter, and this can restrict air movement while impeding the heat exchange that allows your home to cool properly. The conditions at the coils can remain colder than usual, allowing condensing moisture to freeze instead of dripping away.
  • Blower inspection – your blower causes air to move through the ducts, and worn or dirty parts can reduce this function, resulting in a colder air handler and frozen coils.
  • Electronic testing – contacts and other electronic components can wear out, resulting in the failure of the blower to operate. Your technician can identify such issues and recommend solutions.
  • Refrigerant check – a low refrigerant charge can result in poor energy exchange, resulting in a stressed compressor, higher bills and the potential for the formation of ice on an air conditioner. A tune-up allows an undercharge to be identified and addressed.

Emergency AC Freezing or Other Problems

If your ice formation is accompanied by unusual sounds or other problems with the operation of your equipment, you may not want to wait for the system to defrost before you consult an HVAC contractor. Hollub Heating is available for urgent AC repairs and other issues in the Streeterville Chicago area. You can contact us for more information about troubleshooting your AC issues, or you can schedule a repair to get your equipment working correctly again.

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