Can I Seal My Home Myself?

If there’s a strange drafty spot in your home, you need not lay blame to any mysterious causes. Rather, it’s likely that air leaks are causing this uncomfortable and annoying situation. Just about every home will have an air leak, and most homes have more than one drafty spot. From air vents that aren’t sealed well to cracks in the foundation and gaps between door and window frames and walls, indoor air can escape and air from the outdoors can make its way in through a multitude of places. Fortunately, you can put a stop to this unwanted air exchange with the outdoors and achieve a much more comfortable and energy efficient home.

Ways to Seal Your Home Yourself

Many air sealing projects are simple DIY tasks that just take a few hours of time, some basic supplies, and a little patience to do the job right. Sealing jobs that you can do yourself include:

  • Placing weather stripping around doors.
  • Caulking around window frames and foundation cracks.
  • Applying caulk or spray foam sealant around vent seals.
  • Installing temporary window seals that use plastic sheathing and adhesive tape.

Sealing Jobs for Professionals

Some air sealing projects are best left to professionals who have the experience and tools to get the job done right the first time. If your entire home needs insulation due to air leaks between the attic and roof or the walls, this is best left to professional insulation installers. If your air ducts need to be sealed, this is also a job for the pros. Homeowners who are unsure of proper caulking techniques should feel no remorse in contacting a handyman or contractor for assistance with such a project. A properly sealed home is well worth the investment, as you can reap a significant amount of savings each month as a result of lower heating and cooling costs.

Benefits of Air Sealing Your Home

The primary benefit of air sealing your home is the improvement in energy efficiency. These Douglas Chicago winters get downright chilly, which can mean high wintertime heating costs. By eliminating air leaks, your home won’t waste as much energy. Most homeowners also enjoy the added comfort of consistent temperatures throughout the home, instead of having to deal with drafty spots where nobody wants to spend their time.

If you’ve got a few hours or a weekend to spare, sealing your home is a cost effective and satisfying way to spend that time. Even if you hire a pro to do the work, you’ll enjoy the fruits of your efforts for years to come. To learn more about improving the energy efficiency of your home our about our current HVAC service specials, give our team at Hollub Inc. a call any time.

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