Don’t Void an HVAC Warranty by Making These 4 Mistakes

Orignially published October 2014, updated September 2016

New HVAC equipment may be one of the biggest investments you’ll make for your Chicago, Illinois, home. You will need to protect this valuable investment by avoiding common mistakes that might result in voiding an HVAC warranty. Each heating and air conditioning equipment manufacturer has specific warranty language and policies, so read all of the paperwork your HVAC contractor gives you after installation. That said, here are four common mistakes that might lead to voiding an HVAC warranty.

Not Installing the Equipment Properly

Many warranties require that only qualified technicians install new HVAC equipment, or that the installation follows specific guidelines and correct industry practices. Hiring a properly certified contractor to handle your new furnace or air conditioner installation is a safe bet to avoid HVAC warranty disputes due to improper installation.

Failure to Return the Warranty Card

It’s easy to let the paperwork for your new equipment get buried under all the other papers on your desk, but take the time to send in the product registration card. Some manufacturers require you to register new equipment to verify the warranty’s validity.

Neglecting Required Maintenance

Many warranties will be voided if you do not follow the maintenance guidelines for the new equipment. The easiest way to meet the warranty-required maintenance is to enter into a long-term maintenance contract with your installer. Keep copies of all maintenance receipts so you can prove that your equipment was properly maintained if you ever need to make a warranty claim.

Not Using the Right Parts

If you need to replace parts on your HVAC equipment, check the warranty to see if it requires you to use the original equipment manufacturer’s parts only. Using off-brand, after-market parts might save money in the short run, but it isn’t a good idea if it voids the manufacturer’s warranty.

For more information to help you keep your HVAC warranty valid, call Hollub Heating, Inc. today at (312) 829-8000. We’re happy to help you with this and other home comfort needs.

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