Fall is Coming to Chicago, Be Ready With These Home Maintenance Tips

fall home maintenanceWith summer in the rear-view mirror (how did THAT happen so quickly?), it is time to look ahead and take steps to get your home ready for cold weather. The mild days of autumn are the ideal time for inspecting your house and making minor repairs. Your fall home maintenance projects should focus on things that will help keep warm air inside and unwanted moisture outside during the cold winter months.

You can do a lot of your own fall home maintenance work yourself, but be sure to call in your HVAC contractor and other professionals for the jobs that require special knowledge and skills. Here are a few things to include in your fall home maintenance to-do list, working from the outside in to take advantage of pleasant early fall weather.

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

  • Inspect and repair the exterior of your house. Look for loose shingles, damaged siding, and clogged gutters. Moisture leaking into your attic or walls can damage insulation and promote mold growth, so you want your roof and walls to keep rain and snow out and flowing away from your house.
  • Locate and seal air leaks. Caulk around door and window frames and replace weatherstripping to make your house less drafty and more energy efficient. Seal air leaks where plumbing or wiring penetrate walls.
  • Get your heating systems ready for winter. Have your fireplace cleaned and your chimney swept. Call your HVAC pros for a furnace or boiler tune-up. Have them inspect your ductwork, repair any loose connections and seal any leaky seams. You can change your furnace filter and clean supply and return registers to improve airflow through your ductwork.
  • This is the time for cleaning and painting. Take advantage of mild fall days when you can throw the window open to bring fresh air inside while you touch up interior paint, repaint whole rooms, shampoo carpets or do other jobs that might generate unpleasant fumes.

Call us at Hollub Inc for help with your fall home maintenance projects. We can help you keep your Chicago area home comfortable and energy efficient all year long.

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