Four Ways to Maximize Your Smart Thermostat This Fall

A valuable update to manual devices, smart thermostats offer Chicagoland homeowners ample opportunities for saving energy and money while on the go. Here are four ways to maximize your smart thermostat this fall.

Update Your Schedule

Schedules change all the time. One of the greatest benefits of a smart thermostat is that you can program according to various schedules so that you and your family are provided with optimum temperatures at all times. This ability not only enhances comfort more consistently but also allows you to save energy in the process.

Change It Up While on the Go

Impromptu plans make it necessary to make unplanned updates to your system’s programming. But what if you are not home to make those changes? You won’t have to worry about your HVAC system running unnecessarily since you can update your smart thermostat on the go. Just log into the corresponding app, and make all necessary changes. Some thermostats can also adjust automatically. Through sensors, these thermostats can determine occupancy levels and determine when to cycle on an off, for example, if you forgot to update the system.

Automatic Temperature Adjustments

It isn’t always easy to stay comfortable during autumn since one day brings cool weather and the next brings warmer temperatures. Many smart thermostats can handle both heating and cooling, and can make the switch automatically. With this smart device, you won’t have to worry about making constant manual updates to the thermostat based on fluctuating weather conditions.

Save on Utility Bills

During those cold days, if you and your family are typically out of the house for eight hours or more on weekdays, don’t hesitate to drop the temperature lower than usual while you are out. If you set the smart thermostat to decrease the temperature by 10 to 15 degrees, you can save as much as 10 percent on your utility bills each year.

Does your thermostat need an upgrade before cold weather rolls in? Call the heating experts at Hollub Heating, Inc. at (312) 829-8000 for installation, repair or general HVAC service.

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