Gas vs Electric Heat for Chicago-Area Homes

Much like the debate on paper vs plastic at the grocery store, many Streeterville Chicago homeowners wonder about gas vs electric heat to warm their homes during the winter months. Each type of home heating system offers different advantages, but making a choice from so many options can be a difficult process. With some guidance from our HVAC technicians at Hollub Heating, you can make the best decision for your home and your budget.

Types of Home Heating Systems

Home heating systems can operate on gas, electric, or oil fuel. Even gas powered and oil powered heating systems will need some electricity to power the fan motors and ignitor. The main types of home heating equipment include furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps, any one of which can warm a Chicago home even throughout the long and cold winter months. Gas is more efficient at heating a home, and gas powered heating equipment will cost less to operate than electric powered systems.

Features and Benefits of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps come in both electric and gas options. These systems are also called split heating and cooling systems, as they can function like an air conditioner during the summer and a heater during the winter. With a pump, heat is transferred from one environment to another. In the winter, heat from outside is transferred into the home, and this is reversed during the summer. When the outside temperature reaches 20 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, the pump becomes inefficient and will need to rely upon emergency heating, which is costly to operate. A backup heating system can also be installed in the home for periods of extremely cold weather.

Features and Benefits of Boilers

Boilers can operate on gas or oil. They are efficient at heating and can also be used to heat water. These systems are not as common for heating a single family home as they are for producing heat in apartment buildings and other multi-family living arrangements.

Features and Benefits of Furnaces

Furnaces run on natural gas or electricity. The gas powered units are highly efficient and cost effective to operate, while the electric powered type will cost more to use. During cold Chicago winters, this type of a heating system can easily keep up with the heating demand to keep a home warm.

For most Streeterville Chicago homeowners, a gas heating system will be a more cost effective and energy efficient choice. When considering which type of heating system to install in your home, the cost of installation, monthly operating cost, maintenance needs, durability, reliability, and lifespan are all important considerations. For more information about the heating systems we install or to learn more about our current heating system specials, call us at Hollub Heating today.

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