Get Your AC Unit Serviced Before Hotter Days Arrive

Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes 90-degree weather. Your air conditioner is going to work overtime to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, and if there’s a coolant leak or broken part, you could be stuck without AC in the middle of July.

The Dog Days of Summer

Machines of all types are more likely to break under heavy loads. Your truck is more likely to stop working if you haul thousands of pounds of cargo on a regular basis. Your dishwasher is more likely to break if you use it every day instead of once a week. Air conditioners are no different — the more you use them, the sooner something will go wrong.
Fortunately, regular air conditioning maintenance can keep your AC system running without the need for costly repairs, and you won’t have to lose service for a day or two while waiting for a technician to come out to your home. With at least one checkup a year, you’ll significantly reduce the chance of a system malfunction during a heat wave.

Nip Problems in the Bud
Most air conditioners don’t spontaneously break for no reason. Many AC issues can exist for months before causing problems. For example, you probably won’t notice a slow coolant leak at first, but your air conditioner will work harder to compensate, and your energy bills will creep up.

An annual inspection will catch these issues before your system shuts off. We’ll inspect the following parts to ensure your air conditioner can handle summer’s hottest temperatures:

  • Coolant pressure and lines
  • Compressor and capacitors
  • UV filters

A coolant pressure test will identify a leak immediately, and if your coolant pressure is low, your technician will inspect the line to pinpoint the leak. We’ll check the other equipment to make sure that it’s working properly, and we’ll make sure the UV filter is still operational to prevent mold outbreaks.

Efficiency Improvements

Time will take a toll on your HVAC system’s energy efficiency. Every year you own it, your HVAC system will lose about 5 percent of its efficiency, so a 15 SEER AC that you purchased two years ago will only have a SEER rating of about 12 today.
Annual HVAC repairs will keep your system running at peak efficiency, so regular maintenance will quickly pay for itself. You’ll also extend your system’s useful life by several years, potentially saving you thousands down the road.

Extend Your System’s Lifespan
Need AC services in Wicker Park or just have a question about your HVAC system? Contact Hollub Heating today to schedule a service appointment. We’ll also be happy to schedule a free quote for a new HVAC system or answer any questions you might have about your current air conditioner.

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