HVAC Considerations for a Home Addition

A home addition can be an exciting upgrade to your Chicago-area home. There is much to be considered when expanding, and finding a good contractor is essential. Along with floor plans and electrical diagrams, be sure to give special attention to the following HVAC considerations when adding on to your home.

Conduct an Energy Audit

Increasing the square footage of your home means adding extra area that will need to be cooled and heated. Your air conditioner and furnace must work harder to maintain the temperature throughout the space, so you might need a more powerful unit. Your HVAC pro will be able to advise you regarding the capacity of your current unit. An energy audit, conducted by a professional auditor, will help you to more accurately determine if your current HVAC system can meet the heating and cooling needs of your entire room, with the addition of the new room.

Remember the Ductwork

For some home additions, homeowners can use their existing HVAC units or replace them with newer models to heat and cool the entire house. Another unit is likely to be required if the new addition is separate from the main house. Unless you are using a ductless system, the new addition will require an extension of the ductwork system. You will need the services of an experienced contractor to ensure ducts are properly connected and that the system is balanced. Balancing the system ensures that airflow is properly adjusted so all spaces receive adequate heating and cooling.

An energy audit will help you to decide if it is cheaper to add an independent unit or upgrade your existing air conditioner and furnace. Your HVAC contractor will help you to select the right energy-efficient HVAC system for your new space, and according to your budget.

Hollub Heating, Inc. has been providing service to the Chicagoland area since 1928. We understand the conditions of the area, and can recommend the ideal systems and services to keep you comfortable in any type of weather. Give us a call at (312) 829-8000 if you are adding to your home, or just need general HVAC services.

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