Do You Need a Thermostat Upgrade?

thermostat upgradeIf your home has a manual thermostat, you likely can reduce your monthly energy bills with an inexpensive thermostat upgrade. A programmable thermostat can adjust your heating and cooling temperatures automatically so that you consume less energy at night or during times when your home is unoccupied.

For example, you can save energy during the heating season by programming your thermostat back 5-10 degrees during the day when everybody is at work or at school. In the summer, you can do the same thing by programming a higher temperature. A programmable thermostat will automatically control the temperature setbacks for you, so it doesn’t matter if you are forgetful. It automatically adjusts the temperature back so that your home is comfortable by the time everyone gets home in the evening.

Selecting the Best Thermostat Upgrade

You can select and install a programmable thermostat yourself, but if you are not comfortable working with electrical equipment or if you are not sure how to select the right model for your home, your HVAC contractor can help you out.

Thermostat models are designed for several different situations: for unique settings for all seven days of the week; for setting the five weekdays the same with a different setting for the weekends; or for setting the weekdays all the same with the two weekend days separately programmable. Be sure the model you choose is compatible with your heating and cooling systems and the type of thermostat wiring you have.

Setback Guidelines

Follow these guidelines to get the most benefit from your thermostat upgrade:

  • Night-time setbacks. Set your heating temperature 5-10 degrees colder during night hours when everyone will be sleeping. (In the summer, home occupants usually aren’t as tolerant of setbacks several degrees higher than their comfort level.)
  • Day-time setbacks. Adjust your heat and A/C settings for 5-10 degree setbacks during the hours when your home is usually unoccupied during the day.
  • Set it and forget it. Avoid giving in to the temptation to temporarily set your furnace higher or your air conditioner lower. Overriding your preplanned settings will reduce your energy savings.

Call us at Hollub, Inc for help with your thermostat upgrade. We can help you keep your Chicago home comfortable and energy efficient during every season.

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