Proper Home Ventilation Impacts Both Comfort and Energy Consumption

A hot, stuffy house is far from comfortable during a humid Chicago summer. You could blast the air conditioner to cool off, but your energy bills will climb as a result. Instead of turning to air conditioning, use home ventilation as your first line of defense against discomfort and high energy bills. Here are three ways to ventilate your home this summer.

Natural Ventilation

The most economical way to freshen and cool your home is to simply open your windows. To create better circulation, open two windows in the same room. Sit back and relax as the open windows tempt a breeze to enter and cool your home at no cost.

To make the most of natural ventilation as a cooling technique, only open the windows when it’s cooler outside than inside. The best method is to open windows at night and close them in the morning, trapping cool nighttime air inside and delaying the need to turn on the air conditioner.


Need a little boost in airflow? Turn on the ceiling fan to circulate air around the room. The resulting wind chill effect makes you feel about 4 degrees cooler. You can also place a box fan in the window to actively draw air inside. This cools your home faster than simply leaving the windows open.

Whole House Fans

A very effective way to cool your entire home at night is to run a whole house fan. Installed in the attic, this fan pulls air through the entire house from the ground up, exhausting it through the roof. For the best results, run the fan at night with the windows open. In the morning, close the windows and stop operating the fan. With minimal electricity consumption, this home ventilation method could possibly keep you from needing air conditioning the entire day.

For more information about the importance of home ventilation, check out Hollub Heating, Inc.’s indoor air quality services or call us at (312) 829-8000.

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