Thermostats Are Just One Way to Save Energy Year Round

If you’re frustrated by high energy bills throughout the year, don’t despair. There are a number of simple ways to save energy that you may not be aware of. Here are some energy-saving tips that won’t strain your pocketbook.

programmable thermostatTips for Saving Energy

  • Turn down the thermostat. This one sounds obvious, but many households just leave the thermostat at the same setting 24/7. Get a programmable thermostat and set it to turn down temperatures in the winter and turn them up in the summer when you know the house will be empty, or when everybody’s sleeping. Adjust the thermostat manually if you aren’t ready for a programmable model.
  • Use ceiling fans. Ceiling fans in the summer provide a cooling wind-chill effect in occupied rooms that will allow you to turn up the thermostat a few degrees without noticing a change. In the winter, you can switch the fan-blade rotation to clockwise. This blows air upward, displacing warm air that collects near the ceiling and pushing it down into the room where people can feel it.
  • Take advantage of solar heating. Open curtains and shades during the day on windows facing the sun. In the summer, close curtains and blinds on sunny days.
  • Switch out the light bulbs. Replace old-school incandescent bulbs with new compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) or light-emitting diodes (LEDs).
  • Change the air filter.┬áInspect the HVAC system’s air filter monthly and change it when it looks dirty. Allowing smooth airflow ensures the HVAC system isn’t working harder than necessary, and it’s a great method for saving energy.
  • Seal leaks in the attic and add insulation. A home that allows heat transfer — whether thermal energy or warm air — between the living spaces and the attic is a home that’s wasting substantial energy.
  • Replace windows. If you have old, leaky windows, replace them with new energy-efficient models, or at the very least add weatherstripping and caulk to plug as much leakage as possible.

For other ideas on saving energy in your Chicago area home, or to schedule HVAC maintenance, contact the pros at Hollub, Inc.

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