Why an Annual Service Contract Is Important

Faced with harsh winters, homeowners in Chicago and throughout northern Illinois should consider an annual service contract for their homes. In case the worst happens, such as the heater going out in the middle of a cold spell, a service contract eliminates the stress of finding a contractor on short notice, and reduces the time spent trying to bear the cold. It also keeps your family safe and saves you money through prescheduled, routine preventive maintenance.

Priority Maintenance

Many annual service contracts include a priority maintenance clause, which is a godsend in case of an emergency. We understand that you can’t wait when there is an emergency, and so we always have technicians on call to respond to just those kinds of situations, day or night.

Regular Maintenance

It is generally recommended that you schedule maintenance at least once a year. However in areas that experience extreme weather conditions, and where there is a strong reliance on the HVAC system, it is best to have that tune-up scheduled for some time during the spring and fall seasons. Routine maintenance helps to keep your system clean and lowers your monthly power bill by helping the system run more smoothly and efficiently. It also helps to prevent costly repairs in the future, as a well-maintained HVAC system is less likely to malfunction.

Getting Ready for the Season

Another advantage of an annual service contract is that it removes the burden of having to remember to take care of the system, off the homeowner. Your trusted HVAC company will be responsible for keeping track of all maintenance requirements for your system. This means that your system will be ready for whatever season is approaching.

An annual service contract is definitely worth consideration to avoid catastrophe, and also so that you can save money, time, and stress. Get your HVAC system thorough checked out by the experts at Hollub Heating, Inc. today. Call (312) 829-8000 for more information about our maintenance plans and service contracts and how they can increase your savings and comfort.

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