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Illinois Centennial MonumentAlthough it wasn’t settled until sometime after the city’s founding, Logan Square is one of Chicago’s most historically significant neighborhoods. It’s named after John A. Logan, a Civil War general who had lucrative side careers as an artist, impressionist and political activist. During the late 19th century, the formerly agricultural district was developed as a “streetcar suburb” for the managers and professionals who worked in the Loop. Vestiges of this genteel past can be seen in its tree-lined boulevards and impressive landmarks like the Illinois Centennial Monument. During the early 20th century, the neighborhood’s density began to increase markedly in response to rapid industrialization along the Illinois River. By the turn of the 21st century, the area had once again become popular with affluent professionals.


Logan Square lies a few miles to the northwest of downtown Chicago. It’s roughly bounded by the industrial area that lines the North Branch of the Chicago River, the old Milwaukee Branch of the Metra, and the tree-lined expanses of Diversey Avenue and Bloomingdale Avenue. Although most of the neighborhood lies on Chicago’s traditional east-west street grid, Milwaukee Avenue does pass through it on a southeast-to-northwest tilt. This broad street contains some of the district’s busiest shopping and nightlife nodes.

Population and Demographics

According to the most recent Census count, Logan Square has a population of nearly 65,000 within an area of just 2.6 square miles. As one of the city’s most densely populated enclaves, Logan Square is popular with young professionals, students and lower-middle class families. In fact, many new arrivals stay in Logan Square for a time before moving to suburban neighborhoods outside the city proper. The district’s highly varied population creates a vivid cultural tapestry that’s responsible for many of its most successful businesses, institutions and attractions.

Things to Do in Logan Square, Chicago

Although many visitors come to Logan Square for the Illinois Centennial Monument, there’s plenty more to see and do here. The neighborhood is home to churches like Minnekirken, an architecturally distinctive Norwegian Lutheran church that’s still standing after more than a century. Active locals and visitors can jog or bike along the trails that line the Chicago River and the adjacent ship canal. Meanwhile, the Bucktown district of Logan Square features a vibrant cluster of Polish businesses that collectively provide a window into life in Chicago’s early days. On nice days, locals can sunbathe or walk their dogs through the district’s many pocket parks.

Climate and Weather

Like the rest of Chicago, Logan Square’s climate is continental in nature. The area’s winters are famously cold and windy, but Logan Square actually doesn’t receive as much snow as some lakeside districts on Chicago’s South Side. What’s more, January and February thaws often provide residents with some measure of relief. By late March, Logan Square’s parks come alive with early spring blooms. April and May tend to be mild and breezy. During the summer, frequent thunderstorms keep the heat at bay and provide nourishment for the neighborhood’s ample tree cover. October brings beautiful foliage displays and another round of breezy, pleasant weather.

Air Conditioning Repair in Logan Square, Chicago

Carrier TechFrom its headquarters in the West Loop, Hollub has been providing the good people of Logan Square with dependable, high-quality air conditioning service and repair since the late 1950s. With decades of experience, its NATE-certified technicians and support staff members are proud to offer a wide range of installation, repair, maintenance and value-added services. From complex, delicate retrofitting jobs in historic brownstones to time-sensitive installations in newly constructed commercial buildings, Hollub can handle just about anything. To serve its busy residential and commercial clients, the company even offers annual maintenance and repair agreements.

Hollub takes its services seriously. The company is proud to sell Carrier’s full product lineup, including water heaters, custom systems, central air conditioning units, wall-mounted heaters, programmable thermostats, efficient indoor air quality equipment and more. All of these products come with Carrier’s factory-issued warranty as well as Hollub’s own “100 percent satisfaction guarantee.” Thanks to the air conditioning service experts at Hollub, Logan Square’s residents and business owners don’t have to worry about indoor comfort.[/col_34]

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