Old Town, Chicago

Old Town, Chicago Air Conditioning Repair & Service


As one of the oldest neighborhoods on Chicago’s North Side, Old Town lives up to its name. During the mid-1800s, it grew into a working-class neighborhood of tenements that housed many of the city’s first immigrants. By a happy twist of fate, many of the churches from this period survived the ravages of the Great Chicago Fire and remain visible to this day. During the early 20th century, Old Town was an epicenter for the burgeoning counterculture movement and gave rise to a particular form of folk music. It was also one of the city’s first non-Loop neighborhoods to gentrify and attract young professionals with families. These days, Old Town is a commercial and residential district that attracts plenty of tourists.


Old Town lies between Division Street, Armitage Avenue, Clark Street and Halsted Street on Chicago’s North Side. It’s just to the north of the Near North Side District and contains major commercial thoroughfares like North Avenue and Clybourn Avenue. While it doesn’t technically contain the North Branch of the Chicago River, the neighborhood is just a short walk from the trails and tracks that line the waterway. It’s also fairly close to the North Avenue Beach on the Lake Michigan Shore. Most of the area’s building stock consists of multi-family houses and brownstones.

Population and Demographics

With a tiny land area, it shouldn’t be surprising that Old Town has a population of less than 10,000. However, its small size ensures that it’s one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in the city. Indeed, Old Town has a population density of well over 20,000 people per square mile. Most of its residents are professionals and students, but a significant cluster of families with young children can be found on its affluent east side. Many locals work in the city’s booming finance industry.

Things to Do in Old Town, Chicago

Old Town is a thriving tourist destination that offers plenty for locals as well. Fans of religious history can visit the neighborhood’s Midwest Buddhist Temple or stop by St. Michael’s Church, one of Chicago’s original Catholic churches. To the west, the North Street Beach offers boating, swimming and other recreational activities during the warm months. Nearby Oak Street Park is popular with outdoorsy types as well. Meanwhile, the incomparable Lincoln Park Zoo lies just north of Old Town and remains free to all visitors. Diners and shoppers can visit the upscale boutiques on Division Street or check out the more eclectic wares along North Avenue.

Climate and Weather

Old Town’s continental climate is typical of northeastern Illinois. It’s often noted that the area enjoys four distinct seasons of equal length and is blessed with enough precipitation to support a lush streetscape. During the winter, temperatures can remain below freezing for a week or more at a time. Fortunately, snow and sleet aren’t as common as many outsiders believe. Meanwhile, the transitional seasons are characterized by mild weather and abundant rainfall. Summer can be hot and humid, but cooling lake breezes and regular thunderstorms are known to break the worst of the heat.

Air Conditioning Repair in Old Town, Chicago

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