Professional Indoor Air Quality Services in the West Loop, serving the city of Chicago and the Northern Suburbs

The air that you breathe in your home or at work can have a big impact on your health. Thanks to new air quality concerns raised by the EPA, many home and business owners are working to boost the quality of the air that they breathe indoors. Your local HVAC company can help you to identify air quality issues and find solutions that allow you to breathe easy indoors.

Understanding Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is measured by determining how many pollutants are present in the air. The more pollutants in the air, the lower the IAQ in your home or business. Poor IAQ can make you feel uncomfortable at home and can cause serious problems for individuals with respiratory issues. If your home or business suffers from poor IAQ, improving air quality will likely become one of your top priorities.

Is The Air in Your Home Making You Sick?

No one wants to live in a home that triggers illnesses. Perhaps you’ve read about poor IAQ and are concerned about how these issues might affect your home and family. Be on the lookout for the following signs, which may indicate that your home’s IAQ is poor:

  • Family members who suffer from asthma, allergies or COPD have an increased number of respiratory attacks with no medical explanation
  • You can smell outdoor pollutants such as car exhaust inside your home
  • Some rooms in your home are much cooler or warmer than others
  • You notice a moldy or musty smell in your home

Carrier Air Purification Systems

Air purification systems or ventilation systems are your best bet for improving IAQ. These specialized devices are designed to remove pollutants from the air and to encourage circulation. You may want to use a humidifier or dehumidifier with an air purifier system to provide for your specific needs. As a proud provider of Carrier equipment, we carry some of the best air cleaners in the industry.

Working with IAQ Specialists

At Hollub Heating, we believe that everyone should breathe clean air indoors. We’re proud to provide IAQ improvement services to residential and commercial customers throughout the City of Chicago and the Northern Suburbs. No matter your air quality needs, we’re here to serve you.

Serving Areas

We are proud to offer service to the following Chicago neighborhoods and surrounding areas, including:

City of Chicago
Albany Park, Chicago
Andersonville, Chicago
Austin, Chicago
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Forest Glen, Chicago
Gold Coast, Chicago
Humboldt Park, Chicago
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Jefferson Park, Chicago
Kenwood, Chicago

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North Mayfair, Chicago
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Old Town, Chicago
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Sauganash, Chicago
South Loop, Chicago

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West Loop, Chicago
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West Town, Chicago
Wicker Park, Chicago
Wrigleyville, Chicago

Oak Park
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